RTG Arowana in Planted Tank

Dragon Forest I

The Asian Arowana is a beautiful fish but is often kept in bare tanks. I have always felt it would look so much better in a lushly planted tank, especially the red variant. About 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to start a large planted tank and it became The Dragon’s Forest I.

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RTG Arowana in Planted Tank
RTG Arowana in Planted Tank
RTG Arowana in Planted Tank
RTG Arowana in Planted Tank
Hidden Dragon

Unfortunately, the fish died some years ago and a series of life events left me little choice but to tear down the tank. However, the dream to set up another Arowana Planted Tank was ever burning and I finally have the opportunity to set up another one. In this blog, I will document the progress on the set-up and life of the new tank: The Dragon’s Forest II.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Forest I

  1. Bro Vincent

    Can I learn from u how to set up the tank and not upsetting the arowana ? Thanks

    Maybe can chat by WhatsApp

    • Do you already have an arowana in the tank that you want to set up? If so, how big/old is it now?

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