Elatine triandra and nitrates

To get my tank to recover, I am replanting the tank in phases. Starting about 4 weeks ago with Elatine triandra which is fondly known as Ah Pek Plant (APP) in Singapore. Once planted, the Elatine immediately flourished. Elatine is a very fast-growing plant and is a nutrient hog. It grows very fast with lots of fertilisers (including CO2) and light. At the same time, once fertilisers are lacking it melts very fast.

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Gan Red+ Asian Arowana in Planted Tank
Gan Red+ Asian Arowana in Planted Tank


Post Views: 18 The arowana is growing nicely but seems to have developed a protruding lower jaw. Was told by Gan of Gan Aquarium that a shrimp diet will cause this due to the calcium in their shells. I am not feeding shrimp, but I was dosing Seachem Equilibrium for Calcium and Magnesium for a while for […]