Gan Red+ Asian Arowana in Planted Tank
Gan Red+ Asian Arowana in Planted Tank


The arowana is growing nicely but seems to have developed a protruding lower jaw. Was told by Gan of Gan Aquarium that a shrimp diet will cause this due to the calcium in their shells. I am not feeding shrimp, but I was dosing Seachem Equilibrium for Calcium and Magnesium for a while for the plants. That might have been the cause in this case. I’ve stopped that, so I hope the condition will resolve itself.

The plants are growing nicely although the tank suffered an algae bloom a few weeks ago. The CO2 injection rate had dropped and I hadn’t noticed despite having a drop checker in the tank. BGA, Hair Algae and Brown Algae all struck at the same time. Adjusted CO2 back up and started an anti-biotic (Erythromycin) course on the tank. Brown algae stopped spreading, BGA died and Hair Algae slowed down.

However, the Hair Algae was still growing back too fast. I stopped Nitrates and Phosphate dosing, and started on Potassium dosing since I’ve stopped Seachem Equilibrium and dropped lights down to 2 rows of T5HO throughout the lighting period. Plants are still growing happily, the Hair Algae is much slower now.

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