L183 Starlight Bristlenose Pleco

One of the L183 Starlight Bristlenose Plecos grazing in the open, before the arowana was added and it drove them to hide. The video was when they were about 1.5 inches. Now they are about 3 to 3.5 inches long and seem to venture out more often than before. Hopefully, as they get bigger they will venture out more often.

3 thoughts on “L183 Starlight Bristlenose Pleco

  1. Hi haha chanced upon your blog. I think I saw your forum thread on AQ too haha. It is very informative and thank you. You (and your previous arowana planted tank) inspired me to have my own planted arowana tank today. (:

    • Hi, thank you for your comments. And at least I know that people can find this blog. Do share photos of your own arowana planted tank. On AQ if you don’t mind.

      • I did actually… haha, here is the link: http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php/123178-6ft-Monster-Fish-Aquascape
        I didnt label it “arowana” though, maybe thats why it didnt get your attention haha:X

        Tbh it is still really hard to find people keeping arowanas in planted tanks. I am still figuring things out and trying to “test out” stuff like tank mates, adequate lighting (with tank cover) and all. Really do feel quite all alone trying to figure out stuff haha.. and hoping to get more arowana keepers into planted tanks.

        my user on AQ is “Johnenrui”, hopefully we can connect or smth there haha. I have a couple of questions if you dont mind!

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