Aug 2018 Update

an update of the tank and Arowana. After a long time, I think I’ve got a handle on the algae and plant growth issues. The plants are doing much better now and the annoying brown algae is retreating week by week. The only algae that is still persistent and hard to get rid off is Green Dust Algae, but I feel I’m on my to solving that. I’ll post about that journey in a later post.


  1. Pream
    30 Jun 2019

    Awesome tank. Do you use a chiller?

    1. VinzPhua
      27 Sep 2019

      HI. So sorry for the late reply. No, I don’t use a chiller. I only use PC case fans to cool the tank.

    2. VinzPhua
      08 Oct 2020

      Wow… I’m sorry I didn’t see this till now. No, I don’t use a chiller. I use 10 PC cooling fans instead.


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